Marine Logistic

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FrytEx is a Canada-based logistics and supply chain company that has been providing marine logistics service to the clients who own ships and other marine vessels. We have gained years of experience and expertise in the business of marine logistics by delivering all type of spare parts and products to clients vessels at ship repair yards around the world. We service fleet owners of all sizes and types of vessels, like container ships, bulk carriers, tankers, cruise liners etc., and transport urgently required spare parts and products in the safest way to any location. Our marine transportation team takes care of your marine logistics work and allows you to focus your attention on other core business tasks.

We not only take care of the urgent cargo that is being shipped by our logistics experts but also performs stringent tests if requested by the vessel owner to ensure that the goods are in the optimum condition and right quantity. One of the top-rated Canadian marine shipping companies, we have been rendering logistics solutions for marine in Canada for years and successfully generated a league of happy clientele. We follow the standard industry procedure while performing marine logistics and supply chain processes and ensure your cargo is handled with utmost care while being packed and shipped.