Who We Are



Fryt Express Inc., a Canadian-based international shipping, transportation, and logistics company. The management of FrytExpress has over 43 years of international experience in Trading, Shipping, Automotive, Oil & Gas, and Construction industry logistics.




Fryt Express Inc. is a Canadian-based Freight Forwarding, Transportation and logistics company. We provide innovative freight solutions that helps our clients businesses grow. We offer multimodal freight services, air, sea, and overland freight. FrytExpress caters to all industries, large and small, including aerospace, oil and gas, and pharmaceutical and healthcare. We customise our services for each client by understanding their needs and finding the most efficient and cost-effective solution that fit their logistics needs.


We put in our best efforts from the time we receive your call, to the time the cargo is delivered, thus giving you the client, the ability to concentrate on your business and grow. We pride ourselves in having unmatched customer service, competitive pricing, top quality handling practices, and strong Canadian business values.


We stand out from our competitors by offering:

  • Worldwide operations
  • Professional Personnel
  • Door to Door Solutions
  • Flexible Services